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Malveeka Rao
Consultant clinical psychotherapist
4.8 |5 25 Reviews
Substance abuse and addiction
Fee* 1499 749/-
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Experienced psychotherapist specializing in clinical disorders, personal issues, student problems, marriage concerns, child behavior, learning skills, and mental health. Successful cases, student awareness programs.
Anxiety, Substance abuse and addiction, BPD, PTSD
Years of Experience : 20 Years
Rehabilitation Council of India,
Special B.Ed. Mental retardation
Way of therapy
Passionate psychologist dedicated to helping individuals overcome emotional and mental struggles. Client-centered, empathetic, and evidence-based approach. Create safe space for personal growth, resilience, and fulfillment.

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I remember Malveeka mam said, Kid Faith is more important than hope! That made me rethink my life! Thankyou
@A fighter
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Ahh!! Never felt this free as now I feel! Malveeka mam's therapy was truly life-changing for me. Her guidance and support helped me overcome depression and regain my happiness. I found Glexpace through a friend who used it, and it has been great!
@A fighter


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