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Anjali Sinha
4.8 |5 25 Reviews
Sexual and gender identity disorders
Body dysmorphic disorder
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I have been in the field of psychology since 2011. Worked in medical colleges, children's hospitals, and HIV-Positive groups, also indulges in community-based sessions. Have assisted a psychotherapist in cases like OCD, depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, adjustment disorder, and sexual and gender identity disorder. Also working with children dealing with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and behavioural issues.
Sexual and gender identity disorders, Body dysmorphic disorder, OCD, Anxiety
Years of Experience : 8 Years
University of Allahabad,
B.A. Psychology
B. Ed (SE) spl. Mental Retardation
Way of therapy
Nowadays, psychological terms are used so casually, but when it comes to psychological issues, people get too serious about them. Both approaches are not correct. The first idea makes the situation worse, while the other one makes them vulnerable to trivial mental health issues and pushes them into non-required medication. I want to be a reality checker and a psychologist friend for such people.

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Goodness, Therapy helps so much! Dr. Anjali is an exceptional psychologist. Her compassion, expertise, and guidance have greatly helped me navigate through challenging times. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking professional mental health support.
Shruti Chauhan
@A fighter
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I was alcoholic and used to get drunk, she helped me and gradually it's getting better to control! Thankyou!
@A fighter


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